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  • Why chose a private tour over participating in a group?

    Private tours are tailored to your needs and personal interests.
    You get to travel at your own pace and make your own program.
    All the tour time is active, no waist of time.
    Same duration as an organised group tour but more time to enjoy and more places to visit.
    Excellent value for money for small parties and families (4 – 6 persons)

  • Why take a private tour of Athens?

    You only have a day or a few hours to visit Athens? You want to make the most of your limited time? Why be part of a group of strangers, one among the many? A private tour is your best choice. Set your own pace, have your own tourguide at disposal, see more, learn more, enjoy more.

  • Why take a private tour of Greece?

    You just flew over and you have a day before you board on a cruise ship for the islands? You only have one day and you want to see the actual site of the Thermopylae battlefield but also visit the Oracle of Delphi? Are you trying to find a way to squeeze as many things as possible in your visit but you do not know how to do it? There is only one way to combine the most with comfort and on time, just ask for a private tour.

  • Why a private tour is the best value for money for a group of friends or a family?

    You worry that a private tour is too costly for you? That it is a luxury not worth the price tag? Think again! In a private tour the duration mentioned is the actual tour time, no time consummed on “obligatory” stops, no “free” time to fend on your own, no time wasted, no hassle, only time to enjoy. With your personal tourguide and transport you will get the most for the time you have. And if you are a larger party you might be pleased to discover that a private tour can be more than just the best value for money, it is simply the best value.

  • Time Zone

    Greek time is GΜΤ +2 hours.

  • Weather

    The weather in general is mild. As a Mediterranean country Greece has plenty of sunshine even in winter time. You should take into account that climate differs depending on the location. It would be best to check the weather forecast for the exact location of your stay.

  • Tap water

    Tap water in Athens and the majority of Greek mainland is drinkable and of good quality. However in most islands and some mainland areas bottled water is recommended. Always ask your tour escort or the hotel reception.

  • Electric Current

    The standard in Greece is 220V AC (50Hz). All appliances from North America/UK require an adaptor (transformer).

  • Press

    International press is available in many news stands in Athens and the touristic areas.

  • Shopping Hours

    Big department stores in the center of Athens and supermarkets are open Monday through Friday 09:00-21:00. Saturday closing hours are between 18:00 and 20:00. The same applies for tourist areas. Individual stores have “siesta” time between 14:30 and 17:00. They remain closed Monday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. All shops and department stores are closed on major public holidays. During the summer holiday season shops can be found open at the tourist areas after hours and Sundays.

    A staple of Greece are the “periptera”, small kiosks that can be found everywhere offering a variety of products, including cigarettes. Many stay open after regular shopping hours.

  • Currency and credit cards

    Greece is a member of the Euro zone, the currency is Euro. All major hotels, department stores, supermarkets as well as many smaller shops, restaurants etc. in Athens, big cities and major touristic areas accept credit cards, specifically VISA and Mastercard. In more remote areas and villages this is not the case. You may encounter difficulties with American Express and Diners since they are not widely used.

  • Taxis

    All taxis are obliged to have an electronic meter at a visible area of the dashboard and to issue an electronic receipt upon payment. Taxi hire is always per car not per passenger.

    You are advised to ask the tourism information kiosks or your agent in advance about the estimated cost of specific itineraries, especially transfers from airports/ports and train stations to your destination.

  • Restaurants and Taverns

    Restaurants and taverns generally serve meals from about 12:30 till 00:00 continuously. Greeks traditionally eat late and therefore it is easy to enjoy diner at late hours. The difference between restaurant, “estiatorio” in Greek and a tavern, is one of ambience and types of dishes. A tavern is more tradition oriented, offering typical Greek dishes in a simple and friendly environment. Restaurants tend to offer a variety of dishes, including international cuisine, and have a more modern approach on Greek cuisine.

  • Vegetarians et special diets

    In Greece, like in most Mediterranean countries, you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes and fresh salads suitable for vegetarian diets, low fat diets etc. everywhere. Greeks however are not vegetarians. Please be specific on your requests since some of these dishes may contain cheese or cured meat and you must ask for it to be removed. Cooking traditionally is done with olive oil.

  • Bars and Cafeterias and café bars

    Legal drinking age in Greece is 18. You may observe a more lax attitude to the rule for minors escorted by their parents or guardians as it is a tradition to allow minors “a sip” in order to participate in a toast or a celebration. Most cafeterias operate also as café bars and serve alcohol.

  • Smoking

    Greece has generally conformed with the EU directive that does not allow smoking indoors. However with 70% of the population being smokers you will observe many cases where the law is ignored. Some establishments have indoor areas for smokers. Hotels do not allow smoking in public areas, restaurants that cater mostly to tourists conform with the law. Smoking is strictly not allowed in tourist coaches, minibuses, taxis and all means of public transportation.

  • Archaelogical sites and museums

    General Opening hours:

    Summer, April 1st to October 31st, 08:00 – 19:30
    Winter, November 1st to March 31st, 08:30 – 15:00

The official site of the Greek National Tourism Organization contains useful information about museums, archaeological sites etc. www.visitgreece.gr

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